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Islamic holidays 1445 hijri - 2024 g

DateDayHidjri dateHoliday
19 July 2023Wednesday1 MuharrammHijri New Year
28 July 2023Friday10 MuharrammAshura
27 September 2023Wednesday12 Rabie-al-awwalMawlid al-nabawi
11 March 2024Monday1 Ramadan1st Ramadan
10 April 2024Wednesday1 chawalEid al-fitr
17 June 2024Monday10 Dhou-al-hijjaEid al-adha

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Date of Hijri New Year
Date of Ashura
Date of Mawlid al-nabawi
Date of 1st Ramadan
Date of Eid al-fitr
Date of Eid al-adha

Additionally to the widely observed holidays and Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, most muslims also celibrate awwal muharram, achoura, and mawlid nabawi. The dates for these islamic holidays are determined by tradition according to the Islamic or Hijri calendar, which is based on the lunar year. Therefore, the dates according to the Gregorian calendar change every year.